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High Quality Raw Material

Special and safe ingredients  (verified  - high purity – environment friendly), semi – finished products that help manufacturers save time to launch new products, timely meet the market needs.

Free SPF and Challenge Test 

At our co-laboratory in Spain, Israel.

Consulting service to apply  Cosmos/Ecocert

We also support cosmetic brands and manufacturers in Vietnam get international natural & organic certificate like Ecocert, Cosmos...

Market Demand and Target

 Authentic Products
Trustworthy manufacturer/ Seller
Organic & Natural Standard Certificate for raw material and finished products.

Natural concepts/ ingredients 
Qualified Products 
Affordable price  


Our Sellection Criteria For Ingredients

in Dermatech

 Absolutely safety
 Identification and verification
 High Purity
 Enviroment friendly, biodegradable 
 Clear product information and legal documents

Our Service

Apply Cosmos/ Ecocert Certificate for the Raw Materials and Finished Products - Made in Vietnam. 

Build higher values for the brands.

With our experiece, we also support our customers would like to meet Cosmos/ Ecocert standard all information and check-list that they need to prepare to reach the standard.

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