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About Us

Nowadays, the cosmetic products are certified natural and organic follow trust standards by the international reputable organizations beside the measurement about safety and efficiency in cosmetics and cosmeceutical products are really necessary to increase consumer trust. They also help to enhance brand value and sustainable development for manufacturers. 


Our company was established with the desire to contribute more practical and necessary values to help sustainable development of Vietnam & International cosmeceuticals and cosmetics industry in the present and future.

The current team of Cosmeceutical  Solutions in Dermatech Co., LTD with over 10 years experiences in cosmetic - pharmaceutical and material science  industry. We deeply listen and understand the needs of customers who produce pharmaceutical – cosmetics in Viet Nam, and would like to bring solutions to help alleviate our customers' worries, make a valuable contribution in helping our customers create a happy, prosperous and peaceful life.

Our Mission

All of our research, innovation and business activities set aim to bring the necessary and effective solutions that support the sustainable development of Vietnam and International's cosmetics and cosmeceutical industry

We always follow up the aim of contributing to improve day by day quality standards of services, solutions that we bring to cosmetics and cosmeceuticals Industry.

We accompany our customers and partners on the sustainable development way.

Our Core Values


 Innovative                                         Trustworthy
We believe in the power of cooperation over competition
All our efforts for research, innovation, improvement, and business activities originate from our love for lives

Do a lot
Fix and continue improve
Do swiftly
Being righteous