Researches and scientific articles of efficiency of Tamanu oil



The protective effect against external aggressions is assessed by induction of an irritation at the nasolabial folds with a solution of lactic acid before and after application of Tamanu oil. The results obtained allow us to conclude that Tamanu oil has a very good protective effect against the aggressions of the natural environment.
 EVIC - CEBA Study – June 2000


On reconstituted epidermis, we assess the cell viability after irritating treatment and application of a solution containing 3% of Tamanu oil. The results show that Tamanu oil induces a recovery of cell viability of approximately 7% (compared to a control).
MICRONA Study – February 2003


After two daily applications for 5 days, the original Tamanu oil increases the microcirculation of approximately 5% in 63% of the volunteers. 8h after the first application, 81% of volunteers reported an improvement in skin condition and appearance. 69% found their legs lighter and 63% found their legs less tired.
DERMSCAN Study - April 2007


Under the experimental conditions, Tamanu oil increases VEGF production, compared to untreated cells, especially after 6 hours of exposure (+69%).
ABICH Study - October 2006


The antioxidant effects of Tamanu oil have been demonstrated by significantly reducing intracellular ROS production.
Said T. et al Study – 2007

Among the different oils, Tamanu oil is the only one with good UV absorption in the remarkable absorption spectrum from 260 to 400 nm. In fact, 85% of DNA damaged by UV radiation was shown to be inhibited with 1% Tamanu oil without any in vivo eye irritation. This result shows the UV resistance of the Tamanu oil.
Leu T. et al Study – 2009

The actual pictures show skin protection effects against UV effects  of Natural VN Tamanu oil GL on 2 skin areas on 2 arms after  sunburn. The skin on the left arm was applied with Natural VN  Tamanu Oil GL 1-2 times/1 day for 10 consecutive days resulted in  a light and continuous skin color compared to the non-applied  Tamanu oil on the right arm with flaky skin and darker color.

The experiment was followed up by the Application  Development team - Dermatech Vietnam company


The bacterial activity was assessed by determination of the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) on the growth of a bacteria. The action of Tamanu oil on bacterial growth, and particularly on Propionibacterium acnes, proves that she has a good inhibitory effect and can limit the resulting irritation phenomenal: 0.125 mg/ml < MIC < 0.250 mg/ml.» It is interesting to note that these results are quite similar with the MIC of Zinc derivates, known for their antibacterial properties.

MICRONA Study – October 2002

The actual pictures show the effectiveness of the skin restorative, prevent acne cream using Natural VN Tamanu oil GL (5%) after 45 days of use and after stopping using with no new acne.
The experiment was followed up by the Application Development team - Dermatech Vietnam company.


Tamanu oil is tested on a reconstructed epidermis to assess the production of interleukin IL-1 alpha after exposure to 0,5% SLS (Sodium Laureth  Sulfate).

Tamanu oil significantly reduces the production of pro-inflammatory cytokines IL-1 alpha (illustration). These data can be considered as predictive of a protective and an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.”

Etude ABICH -  October 2005

Experimental pictures show anti-inflammatory, wound healing, cell regeneration of Tamanu oil after 4 weeks, and fading dark spots of Natural VN Tamanu oil GL in the next 4 weeks. Experimentalists combined Vietnam Nano Turmeric 4 weeks. Experimentalists combined Vietnam Nano Turmeric damaged skin 2-3 times a day for 4 weeks, then apply a lightening cream using 10% of Natural VN Tamanu oil GL daily for 4 weeks. Follow up and capture the affected area before and every 4 weeks and after 1 year.
The experiment was followed up by the Application Development team - Dermatech Vietnam company.